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What to Expect

Here's a little taste of what you'll find if you visit us at one of our Bible Classes or Worship services.

What to Expect: News & Updates

Sunday AM Bible Class

Every Sunday at 9am.

Every Sunday at 9am all ages meet at our building to study the Bible. We have classes for ages 0-199! If you're in the 6th-12th grade, that means you'll be having Bible Class with the BWYG. All 6th-12th graders meet at 9am in room 102, which is more commonly called "the youth room." On a normal Sunday morning we'll have youth announcements, take prayer requests, pray, THEN we'll dismiss to smaller groups for Bible study. At that time someone will help you find the right class to go to.

Sunday AM Worship

Every Sunday at 9am

Every Sunday we meet at 9am to worship with the whole church. Many of the youth groupers will sit at the front-right of the auditorium, but some will sit with their parents. Feel free to join us in the "youth-group" section, if you'd like! In our worship we will pray, sing, read scripture, take the Lord's Supper, give back to God (we call it "Gift's for God," but you might know it better as the "contribution."), and we'll hear a sermon from the Bible.


Sunday PM Worship


However, we do get together for devotionals and Bible study on Sunday nights. Check the church calendar at for more information!

Wednesday Bible Class

Every Wednesday at 7pm

On Wednesday we meet for our "Mid-Week Bible Class." If you're a 6th-12th grade student, you will meet in the "youth-room" (room 102) at 7pm. All other ages will meet in the auditorium to begin with a devotional. In our Mid-Week Bible Class we will start off our time together with a song, announcements, and then a devotional. After the devotional we divide up into small groups called "Oasis Groups" to discuss the devotional, but also simply spend time together. Wednesdays are one of our favorite times together. If you're wanting to know what we're all about, then Wednesday is the night we recommend for you!

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